Cannot Verify Brave wallet using mobile

I cannot verify my brave wallet in my phone to my uphold…i already asked this to uphold but they said that i have to ask in brave community…pls help me i already have 15 BAT

its says in uphold app
“something went wrong pleas try again”



Probably Brave Support would very much recommend that you follow their prescribed template for entering information about your concern:

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Cannot verify my Brave Wallet in my Android phone, to my Uphold. I already asked about that, at Uphold, but they said that I have to ask in the Brave Community. Please help me. I already have 15 BAT.

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So, we will have to wait for 25 BATs in Rewards (which can take several months to accumulate) in order to connect with the Uphold account?

If you have an existing, KYC’d Uphold account, you can bypass the minimum requirement by selecting the Continue to login option.


i tought it just need 15 BAT in mobile phonr…but i can click the verify wallet button

No, @Mattches is right. If you already have an uphold account, you can verify your rewards outlined by @Mattches.

Sorry to be a bit slow but KYC’d means what??..


  • KYC = Know Your Customer
  • CDD = Customer Due Diligence

KYC is where banks and other places ask to see your Driver’s License or other form of ID, request your social security number, or any other basic information to verify you are who you say you are.

CDD is similar to KYC, but it goes a little further in tracking your activity and assets as well. It basically is trying to make sure you’re not a terrorist, money laundering, etc.

These are now done at major crypto exchanges because governments have created laws holding those exchanges liable. Overall it’s done because governments wanting you reporting all cryptocurrency to them for tax purposes, but they also really have seen instances of it being used for illegal activities. It sucks, but it is what it is.

KYC is usually a one time thing at the creation of your account.

CDD is ongoing and they may request information at any time, usually occurring if there is something deemed to be suspicious activity.

So, basically an account verified by Uphold, where I sent a Driver’s Licence for example?

@Legion99 Correct, so when they asked for your Driver’s License, they were fulfilling their legal responsibility for KYC. And down the road, they may end up asking you more information as part of CDD.

An example where CDD might come up is let’s say you decide to use your bank account to buy some BTC. They may end up asking you to send statements from your Checking Account so they can see where the money is coming from and make sure it’s from a legal/valid source. It’s not like they want to see it or care, but it’s again…government requirements for the moment.

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I have a KYC’d Uphold account and I have tried to authorize Brave rewards (Android) with my Uphold account and the Uphold is verifying and authorizing it. But, it is not being shown in the Brave application in my phone.


@Tej69 Didn you click the Sign In button and just connect ? Or did you hit the Uphold button and continue there? I’m assuming based on what you’re showing, you didn’t hit

continue to login

These are the steps I took -

  1. Opened Brave Rewards
  2. Verify Wallet
  3. Clicked Uphold
  4. Continue to Login (As I have already created my Uphold account)
  5. Reauthorize (in Uphold application where I have already made my account and signed in)
  6. There was an error shown in the Uphold application
  7. Gmail (To find the mail from Uphold, where they said You have reauthorized Brave Rewards)

Please can you look into this?

There should not have been a need to reverify. When you click on the verify button then should’ve had a login option for Uphold. You would’ve just signed in there and then it would’ve been connected. You were not having a re-authorize or go through a verification process again because it shouldn’t of been a new wallet. It was the same phone and browser, right?

I am trying to think because I just recently had to do the same thing with my android. I believe it just had been too long and so it signed me out and they just had to sign back in. So unless I’m misunderstanding something I think that might be partially where things are going wrong. Anyway, I am going to apologize but it is almost 2 AM here and I need to get to sleep. So I likely won’t be responding anymore tonight but I will try to get to you sometime tomorrow if you don’t figure this out or someone else can’t help you.

It is the same phone and browser.
Thanks for the support btw. Have a great night.

This here is generally the problem. Many have success once they remove Uphold from their phones. The reason is in that moment it is trying to connect your browser to Uphold. But when it instead opens the app and you do it there, it works for Uphold but the browser doesn’t connect the way it needs to. That should do it for you if it already isn’t working.

I’m upset I didn’t read more clearly last night, but seems I was too tired and missed that detail.


I earned more than 1.3 BAT but I received only 0.95 BAT in uphold. So much deduction. Why?

I did ALL of the steps with a verified Uphold account and my wallet is STILL not connecting

It keeps saying “something went wrong”

Someone help

Hi, i think i have the same problem.

I am using Brave nightly.

Application Version : Brave - Nightly 1.37.42

Operating System : Android 11; Build/RKQ1.200826.002

Uphold App - Version 4.33

I can’t reconnect Brave rewards to my uphold account, whenever i click on ‘continue to login’ it opens uphold app, then i click on reauthorize and i get the same error from uphold called ’ Something went wrong please try again’.

Here are the relevant screenshots

So the solution to this is to uninstall uphold and then try reauthorizing and hopefully it won’t pop up the android app of uphold.

So i did this and it worked. You can try this as well.

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I did the same thing, including uninstalling Brave and Uphold. Once I reinstalled, I have the same problem.

Someone from Brave Support - Your assistance will be much appreciated!!!