How can I connect uphold account and withdraw bats from adroid

can someone explain me how to do it?

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The verify button is available via Rewards icon in URL bar.

You’ll need to accumulate 25 BAT first in your Rewards wallet before that button clickable as that’s ttge current requirements.

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25 bats… damn, at least it works.

thanks man

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Apparently previously BAT payments were much more, so 25 was not considered a lot.
These days 25 BAT is A LOT. Brave doesn’t yet have its own BAT wallet, so they’ve outsourced to “Uphold” who have not changed the original requirements.
I’m told that Brave V2 will have its own wallet & won’t then be held hostage to Upholds requirements.
I hope then the Brave team will revamp the BAT ecosystem to be more practical & a good user experience.


When did they change 0,1 per/ ad view in 0,01?

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