Brave won't let me link uphold account

Brave rewards won’t let me link uphold account.

When I click “verify wallet” nothing happens except telling I need at least 25 MTD (?? Not BAT? What is MTD?)

And whenever a add appears and I click, I gain no BAT whatsoever.

Anyone white the same problem? Do you know how to solve this?

My system:
Modelo OnePlus 6
Android 10. Oxygen OS 10.3.6


The 25BAT minimum is a requirement to link an Uphold account. I’m not sure, however, why it shows MTD instead of BAT – would you mind sharing a screenshot of this?

Additionally, you do not get BAT for clicking ads, nor do you get it immediately after viewing it. You receive payment for ads on the 5th of each month. You can also view your current estimated earnings by going to Settings --> Brave Rewards --> Ads:

Please also see our Ads FAQ for more information on Brave ads and how they work:

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Is you who have the same problem and it has been officially declared that everyone of us will be qualified to have a verified Uphold account once it has reached 25

I don’t know what you mean, but this is my first post in this forum

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The grey button does not open anything.
Bellow you can see 25 MTD instead of BAT. (It’s in portuguese).

This one show I have bat.

If I can’t link my uphold account, where’s the bat going to go?

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Have you completed the Uphold KYC requirements as well?


You must have minimum 25 BAT or higher to verify your wallet. You can get BAT with showing ads or sponsored background. But in your screenshoot you still not have any BAT that’s granted. 1.5xx BAT in your screenshoot still pending until 5/12

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Yes, O have a verified uphold account too.

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Strange thing is, I could link my uphold account with my browser on laptop but not in my android. At first I thought it could be because of my model or Android version.

If I buy 25 bat in uphold could I link the account?

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you still can’t verify. you must have atleast 25 bat in your browser

I think you’re mistaken… if not, how come I could verify on my desktop browser using my uphold account with 1,7xx BAT?

you need to accumulate 25 bats before being able to link an uphold account

you must have atleast 25BAT to verify your wallet. but you still have 1.7xxBAT

What I still remember is that the services for the androids were not yet available some couples of months ago, I have no idea if it is now available.

The other users in this thread are correct. You’ll need to have 25 BAT minimum in your browser wallet before you can verify with Uphold.

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