How can I cancel my 2FA removal request within the first 14 days

I mistakenly agreed to cancel 2FA and had to wait for 14 days for approval.
Now I cannot access my account.

I have read the instructions on the forum, to “cancel my 2FA removal request within the first 14 days”

But I don’t know exactly how?

Please guide me,
How can I do ?

@cory and @dan_brave should be able to help

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Hi @sonpiaz, enter your email adress into 2FA removal request one more time. As if you would like to send it again. You will recieve new email with cancellation.

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Please tell me HOW?
I want to activate and log back into my Brave account.

@sonpiaz For cancel your 2FA removal request type your email here and you will recieve cancellation mail

I run a channels on YouTube

@sonpiaz please don’t write here your mail, it’s public forum. If you lost your 2FA I’m afraid you have to send 2FA removal request and go trought all removal request process.

Exactly I have to wait 14 days?

And my Youtube channel is still promos for the affiliate link, so how does it affect downloads?

Your tokens will be safe, all referrals will be listed but you will have to verify your channel again and you recieve your payout a month later. Am I right @Asad? (Sorry to bother you, but I don’t want to mislead anyone).


Does “verify my channel again” affect my past results?

No, I’m sure not, I have read this on help center but I can’t find this now.

Last question, how much BAT can I withdraw each month?

Hm, I don’t know unfortunately :frowning:

FYI there are no limits to how much BAT you can withdraw. @HarryHaller thanks for your help.

@dan_brave could you swing by and reset @sonpiaz’s 2fa removal request? Thank you!

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How can I 2fa removal request?

Hey there! You can request removal of 2fa here. We’ll be making some improvements so you don’t have to wait 14 days before you sign into your account soon. :slight_smile:


Yes, what can I do now?

Now that your request is processing you can just sit back and relax, the system will handle the rest :slight_smile:


Hello, how long do I need to wait?

Dear cory,
How long my request is done?