Problems with 2-factor Authy

I’ve been trying to access my Brave Rewards account and haven’t been able to because of the 2-factor, first it told me that my 6 digit code was invalid no matter how many times I tried, so I thought it was a problem with my authy account since I have it on an old device, so I asked for the 2-factor removal; then I realized the problem was because the time and date were wrong in the mobile device I was using (it was my mistake, I admit it) so I tried to cancel the removal and log in my account normally, but it won’t let me cancel the removal order, it shows a page that says to “try again in a bit”.
What should I do? I just wanted to check if some referrals had installed Brave correctly

Can you DM me the email account associated with your Creators account so that I can check your 2FA removal status on my end?

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