Can you please help me?

So my 2fa code was lost because my mobile got reset and i thought if i choose to request for removal of 2fa it will take 14 days and if i create new account and migrate my youtube channel there it will take 10 days so i did that and now its 12 days and its says account will be transfer in short time its already been 2 extra day and its still say in a short time
So my question is that how much days i have to wait more?

cc @Asad for assistance here

Please be patient as you wait for your data to transfer over. If it’s been 2 weeks total time, please bump this post and we will attempt to troubleshoot the issue for you.

Its been 13 days now

What was the exact process you went through when you made a new channel and transferred the old one?

First of all when i lost google authenticator…i searched what can i do next so i saw i can request for removal of 2fa in brave so i did that and i made new account on publisher in mean time and i added another youtube channel to that account but after 3 days there was no response on verifying so i thought let me try to add my main youtube channel that was verified on my lost publisher account when i signed in there was a note written there that my account will be transferred to me from previous owner in 10 days and i got email too about it i left it then when i check after 10 days it was written account will be transferred in a short time now its been 3 more days and i still didnt have my account and there is still note written account will be transferred in a short time

Bro? What about my issue?

In addition, i told you that i had requested for 2fa removal and its been 16 days and its not removed yet.Check the date of the mail…

Help me please! Bro im in tension

I’ve reached out to our Publisher’s team and have a member looking into this directly. I’ll be sure they or I get back to you here in this thread when we have more information for you – thank you for your patience.

Ok bro my login email is

@Saifabbas1 please don’t share your email here. It’s a public forum. :wink:

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Bro i dont know how to pm

How will you guys know my Account without my email?

Hi there - I’m from the Publishers team, we’re looking into the issue. Honestly this wasn’t a scenario we thought about when we coded this up. :sweat_smile:

But no worries because we will get this resolved!

Hang on with us while we try to figure out exactly what went wrong. Your account will still be verified and will still be able to receive tips. :sun_with_face:

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Hi Saif - I am also on the Publishers team, we are working this issue to assist you, please hold for a short while. Thank you

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yeah please do it faster so i can get my bat in my uphold…i am a student and needy of money and when i heard about you guys i was very happy the channel i linked is my old channel and i have a new one now and i created it for airdrops and all but i just had my exams cuz of that i couldn’t be able to make any video…i told 150+ freinds of mine about your browser and 100+ have on their phones. i didnt knew about the refferal program otherwise i could also get referral reward but leave it no worries…the good thing is that they told me they will tip me for my expenses… I am very happy for this and thankful to you guys…

Sure brother i am waiting…but dont take too long :hugs:

Hi Saif, I’ve restored access to your original account, please let us know if there’s something else we can do for you. Thanks!

Thank you so much bro for your kind help! Love brave :heart_eyes: