How can i block ads of FEMBED (video player)

Hi there.
How may i block ads of fembed player, does anyone know? I use Brave, i’ve activated all ad block lists, but none of them blocked ads of fembed, so i’m using Firefox for Android to block it, and it is working, but i want to use Brave, instead of it.

I tried to add these to custom filters

fembed .com##+js(aopr, decodeURI)
fembed .com##+js(aopw, _pop)
fembed .com##+js(aeld, /^(?:click|mousedown)$/, _0x)
fembed. com##+js(disable-newtab-links)
fembed. com##+js(nosiif, (), 500)

(I leaved spaces between urls because it doesn’t let me to create topic.)

so… it is,

didn’t work. Any ideas?

Link to the actual site hosting fembed ?

idk but probably

So? why no one doesnt answering? I need help about it. It’s been 8 days :frowning:

Hey @kyoya ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

Sorry but I am having a hard time replicating your issue to see what you are seeing; can you link to a specific video on a website where you are seeing the ads?
Have you tried enabling some of the features listed here → brave://adblock/


Yeah I’ve selected all of list, i mean there’s a(n) video player called “FEMBED”, when i click it 1 or 2 times opens a pop-up, so i want to block that pop-up thing, so i can watch anime Easily. Sorry for my bad english, My first language isn’t English.

what OS and version of Brave are you using?


Android 6.0 Brave version: 1.24.86, so?

Sorry @kyoya , it would really help if you linked us to the exact video thats giving you this issue.

I am unable to find videos hosted by Fembed to see what I can do to fix the issue.


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Ok, i will DM you to Link.

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