I have a question about ads blocker


Does the built in ad blocker stop Youtube pre ad role and in video ads?

I suppose so. I never get those. I’ll tag @fanboynz for more clarity on this topic. Thanks!

Thanks may i ask have you been using this browser for awhile?

Yes. I have been using for more than a year and half now.

Cool it seems pretty decent :slight_smile:


Just to make sure we are on the same page, you mean the ads which come when you click on any video you wanna view. After ad is over, the selected video starts playing?

Sometimes on Youtube when about to watch a video you have to watch the ad before video so far on this browser it seems to skip it :slight_smile:

Yes, that is what I meant too. For me it has never ever played those ads so I believe they are blocked.

That is awesome a blocker that actually works :smiley:

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Ikr! I made sure that everyone in my family uses brave. We get more to watch videos since we save time on ads :joy: :joy:

I feel like i have a paid Youtube service but for free :joy:

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There’s more to it. If you use an iPhone or MAC, I am sure for iPhone but not so sure for Mac. There’s a brave Playlist which can download Youtube Videos for offline viewing!
Coming to Android and Windows soon. If you wanna experience, download brave Nightly which is for viewing features coming in the next updates to stable release. So in brave Nightly → go to brave://flags → enable flag called ‘playlist’

You’ll get brave Playlist then!

I think this also has a built in torrent downloader

Well there’s inbuilt tor on windows atleast.

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We make sure the adblocker works, and is updated daily.

Awesome great work :slight_smile:

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