Horrendous Lag When Opening Hot Links from Other Applications

Issue Description:
When attempting to open new browser instances or new tabs from following links from other applications or shortcuts - Brave sometimes takes 15s-30s to open and then load the page.

This issue exists solely on my custom built desktop - does NOT happen with my fully synchronized, store bought Windows laptop.

Desktop: ASUS 570 MB w/Ryzen7 8core CPU, 5700 GPU, 32g 3200mhz ddr4 & nvme m.2 pci 4.0 SSD. Machine is NOT OC’d in anyway (but i am using xmp profile for DDR4)

Laptop: Lenovo Yoga Flex w/10th gen i7, 16gb ddr4, nvme m.w ssd, integrated graphics

Using any other Chromium (Edge/Chrome) or Mozilla (Firefox) browser as the default browser on the problem desktop machine - this issue does NOT exist. Links open instantly…

Opening links from within other Brave tabs or windows - issue is barely perceptible (minimal lag)

Desktop is on hardwired gigabit network with gigabit internet service.
Laptop is 802.11AC based WiFi (5ghz) to same network.

Unable to reproduce this issue on a different machine.

Want Brave to work consistently on both machines - issue to the point where I may have to migrate to a different browser altogether and I do NOT want to (i prefer Brave over all other browsers)

Environment (same on laptop & desktop)
Brave Version 1.27.109 Chromium: 92.0.4515.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)
MS Win 10 Pro Ver 10.0.19043 bld 19043

So far, I have tried creating another profile in Brave (based on community comments and Brave Subreddit)
Disabling and removing all add-ins and extensions (which are all the same on both machines so seems unlikely this was the issue anyways - still i removed them all)

Fully uninstalling Brave from Desktop and reinstalling it

The following two hotlinks below are imgur posted screen caps illustrating the issue - but it is usually worse than these two examples I captured - today, it took over a full minute for a link I clicked on in Telegram Desktop App to open in Brave (was a youtube link).

Example 1:

Example 2:


Thank You In Advance!!!

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I’m actually wondering if this is a Hardware Acceleration issue – can you try disabling it and see if this causes the browser to perform better?

Settings --> Additional --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

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Thanks for the response Mattches

Come to think of it – at one time I did have an issue with Chrome (prior to moving to Brave as my main browser) which had an odd issue for a while when hardware acceleration was enabled – that problem was since resolved –

That makes me wonder, perhaps my Radeon drivers are out of date – I will look in to updating that after I see how Brave performs with the acceleration turned off for now…

Thanks for you input… Be great if I could resolve this… Find it incredibly frustrating – it’s like night and day switching between my desktop and laptop – laptop flies in brave but sucks wind at everything else and the desktop is sucking with Brave while dancing circles around anything I throw at it- - the irony of it all – ugghhh




~ Chris

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Please let me know if disabling HWA has any effect.

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