After using Brave, then closing it, whole PC lags until restart

Description of the issue:
Just as the title says. I spent troubleshooting this problem for a full day. Brave causes the PC to lag, in all applications. For example, opening a steam game, usually takes about 3 seconds for the game to go full screen, after I start Brave, opening the same game takes 30+ seconds to go full screen, the whole system seems to hang, until a full system restart. Also, opening brave a second time, and beginning to type in the search/address bar causes intermittent freezes a few seconds long.

How can this issue be reproduced?
Start computer, open Brave, close Brave.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.20.108
Chromium: 88.0.4324.182 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC version 1809, 16 GB Ram, Quad Core i7 with Hyperthreading enabled, Samsung SSD.

Youtube with link that better explains the issue:

Hello @TrinityAlex

Thanks for reaching the forum and here are some things you would neet to elaborate more so that you can get a answer from someone, infact even from Brave’s staff. Can you please tell me what you tried doing a full day to resolve such issue by yourself?

You can also try a fully clean reinstallation of brave. First uninstall Brave as we normally uninstall any application on windows 10 and through file explorer, make sure all brave files are removed, and then install brave once again. Make sure to fully backup your data such as bookmarks before making this move.

Even if that doesn’t work, I am afraid, it might be some problem in your own PC. Can you tell me if this happens with other browsers in your PC? If you think this is not your PC’s problem, I suggest trying to reinstall like I said.

Let me know if it worked out or not.

Yeah, I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling. The Brave you see in the youtube video is freshly installed, without any extensions, bookmarks etc.

During the day I spent troubleshooting, I disabled all other applications at startup (Razer/Corsair/EVGA software), disabling the Windows Defender antivirus, firewall, etc. Performed windows updates, nothing solved the issue. It was quite difficult pinpointing the culprit.
I checked processes running with Procmon64.exe.
The only executables being run are “wmiprvse.exe” and “CompPkgSrv.exe”, both automatically starting shortly after “Brave.exe” is started by me. Wmiprvse.exe seems to not unload after Brave is closed, but even closing it forcefully from task manager doesn’t solve the issue.
I mention that this is also a quite fresh install of Windows, from 31/Jan/2021, with all available updates performed.

Firefox doesn’t have any issue, I will try Edge and let you know… maybe it’s a problem with Chromium .

Last edit:
It is indeed a problem with Chromium based web browsers, both Chrome and Edge have the same issue. Chrome even uses a more recent version of the engine, 88.0.4324.190, and it does the problem even faster. Oh well… that’s life…

I was just digging into this and came here to ask if you can re-confirm that Chrome (or other Chromium browsers) does not exhibit the same behavior. While I’m pleased to hear that it’s not a new bug on our hands, I do apologize for the inconvenience either way.

Hello, Mattches,
I confirm that the issue occurs in other chromium based browsers, the latest versions of both Chrome and Edge cause the lag issue in fullscreen applications, and stutters within the app itself. This is without importing any settings/bookmarks/extensions, just bare bone install.

It is not Brave’s fault.

I could probably determine which chromium version started to cause this, though it is too much of a hassle (I need to restart pc every time). It is easier for me to just use a non chromium browser.

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Have you tried disabling Hardware Acceleration to see if this resolves the issue? You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

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