Brave is unable to close, and takes 30 seconds to load sites

Description of the issue:
Brave takes like a minute to open when I try to open it, then it takes like 30 seconds to load a website, or it just breaks and doesn’t load it at all. It’s not my wifi because whenever this happens I use chrome and it’s all speedy and working fine. Also even when I force quit it, it does not quit. I’ve tried to normal quit it but it just breaks the browser again and makes you pretty much unable to close it. I’m not sure if hardware acceleration causes it though.

How can this issue be reproduced:
Just by using brave.

Expected result:
Brave works normally and isn’t as slow as a turtle.

Brave Version:
Can’t see, since right now it’s malfunctioning but I’m 100% positive it’s the latest version.

Additional Information:
Keeps doing this, it started a few months prior. I’ve seen multiple people have this problem as well, so it’s clearly not just a rare thing because it’s happened on other oses like Linux and Windows too.

@Wentworth I have a few questions for you. I understand from what you’re saying, some of these may be difficult for you, but I want to ask and see if you can at least give it a shot.

  1. Have you tried opening the browser in Private mode? If so, what were the results?

  2. How about creating a new profile?

  3. Does turning Shields off make a difference?

  4. When you open the browser, can you try to go to brave://crashes and see if it shows anything recent? If so, click on the box next to Developer Options in the top right, then go to the crashes listed and hit Submit. You’ll be able to then see a Crash ID # that should show once submitted. Provide that number. (Not sure if it’s actually crashing, if so, then at least crash report will help identify the cause)

  5. You mentioned not knowing if hardware acceleration is an issue. Obviously would say to go to your settings if you can and check if you see a difference. brave://settings/system

If you’re saying the browser isn’t even letting you do any of that, then try to go to and download from there. This shouldn’t get rid of any of your information but will instead just update the browser if it’s not using the latest. The hope also will be if there’s anything corrupt, it might repair it. (Don’t uninstall Brave, just download the newest update and apply it through that)

Oh, and knowing which version of Mac you’re using is a bit helpful.

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It seems that the solution to this is turning off uh hardware acceleration, I have no idea why it lags the heck out of the browser and makes it this slow. I think it’s not really optimised so the devs of brave should add a warning to it that it might make your browser slow.

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