Home and End keyboard shortcuts not working as intended

Home and End shortcut buttons stopped working for me after the update.
This issue has been present for me since the new update Version 1.27.111 popped up. Any solution to this? Far as I know, you can’t modify shortcuts easily on Brave. Thanks in advance.

Maybe a useful reference:

They used to work as intended, just after this update they went bonkers on my side for some reason.
Okay, I have rounded up the problem. On some pages, and for some weird reason, I always get an I-beam pointer. So if I press Home or End, instead of going top of the page or bottom of it, I just move the I-beam pointer instead. Is there a way to deactivate it? I don’t remember ever activating it.
Done. I guess I pressed F7 without notice, seriously. I don’t know how this happened, NO ONE past me has used the computer today. Anyway, problem solved.

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