Hola soy de venezuela y no entiendo a donde van mis recompensas

Hola pueden ayudarme aclarando en donde están mis recompensas del los meses Junio, Julio y Agosto. la plataforma me indica que en “hora buena recibí mis token” pero no los veo relejados en ninguna parte. de verdad muy desconcertante esta situación. aunado a que UPHOLD ya no esta en Venezuela por razones poco éticas. gracias

If your wallet is disconnected from Uphold, then your rewards must go to your browser.
Ensure that your rewards page says “unverified”. Every month around the 8th you should get a “Claim” button to claim your rewards.

If your wallet is showing “unverified” and you have not get any “Claim” button, then I suggest you to open a support ticket.

@rodrige telling from my own experience (I received my BAT from 1 device on my uphold which disconnected on the 2nd of this month and I’m in an unsupported region) … Sometimes when Uphold/Gemini disconnects after the 1st of any month… You get rewards in your Uphold/Gemini instead cause I remember reading somewhere that the wallet I’d for Uphold/Gemini is transferred to Brave on 1st of every month(if it’s Connected) so if in this case his did get disconnected after the 1st of September then he should receive it in his respective account than in his rewards wallet

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