High Memory usage consumption

The browser is using same memory consumption as like Chrome. Just got here from chrome, but i see no difference. Just as i open the browser, 7 or 8 process start to run as i see in task manager consuming around 600 mb of total memory. Is this normal ? As i start working more and using other tabs, it start getting worse and i have to reopen the browser again. I have disabled all the extensions, i have disabled torr, hangouts and other as well. I have disabled hardware acceleration as well. I am no expert in this field, any help would be appreciated.

There are many things that may contribute to the amount of resources that Brave is using. Brave is like Chrome in that they both use the Chromium engine – that’s about where the similarities stop.

Some of the processes you’re seeing are likely some of the built-in extensions and features provided by Brave. Also, if you have any extensions installed in the browser, this may also be causing the high usage.

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