High Memory Usage by Youtube Tab(4GB) leading to browser becoming really slow

Description of the issue: Youtube Tab using really High Memory Usage leading to lags

Exact URL of the website in question: https://www.youtube.com/

Did the issue present with default Shields settings? (yes/no) Yes

Does the site function as expected when Shields are turned off? No

Is there a specific Shields configuration that causes the site to break? If so, tell us that configuration. (yes/no): No

Does the site work as expected when using Chrome? Maybe, Didnt try.

Brave version (check About Brave): v 1.65.114

So here the main issue is, whenever i watch a video/live stream on youtube, the number of trackers blocked goes to 99+ in less than a minute, not sure whether this is the cause of the issue i’ll be mentioning.
Now 5 minutes into a live stream, the tab’s Memory usage has reached approx 1.5GB and the stream starts buffering and Lagging aggressively for me. There are no extra tabs opened in the background but if there are any, they also use up good amount of memory around 400MB
So what can be done to resolve this High Memory issue cause one of the the main reason of shifting to Brave was Flawless usage of Youtube and fast and safe browsing but this issue for the past 2-3 weeks has been really Annoying


Check playback in private window mode? is HW acceleration enabled?

Could you please tell how to check that. Also a mac user in case its different

having the same issue for past 1 week

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here the same with Duolingo App almost 3.90 GB. i tried to open in private window mode but the same problem .


When can I expect to hear back from you? It’s been about four or five days since then. Not sure if I mentioned you or not, so I reposted my original response. I can’t see the mention tag today either, so it appears that none of you are ready to answer.
It is quite some time since then. Would you please provide a fix? I asked for help, which is why I posted this request.

The Kiwi has been the absolute worst when it comes to replies on this issue. Complete lack of acknowledgement regarding the persistence of this issue. So many threads & yet always the same templated responses without anything actually being improved.


only god knows what they are upto, there was a conversation something related to youtube ads or blockers, there this guy was replying actively 4d back. Maybe this guy is on a vacation or maybe some other reason, but here the Devs team should appoint a new guy to resolve the issue.

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There is no outstanding issue with memory issue and youtube. Are you using MacOS on Intel? Only seen complaints on older Mac’s on Intel, nothing seen here on M1 or M2

Would test in Brave Beta in a clean profile, and in Chrome.

My Mac is an Apple M1, but as you can see from the previous responses, it appears that the issue isn’t limited to Mac or YouTube alone. It also appears to be happening with other operating systems and some other websites, suggesting that the issue is with the browser itself rather than the site or OS.

  • Its not seen widely
  • Assuming issues are the same can be bad for testing.

Testing needs to be done by yourself or anyone seeing it.

  • Test in Brave Beta and Nightly.
  • With shields disabled and/or shields enabled=Aggressive.
  • Test on a different computer.

Same issues here. It has gotten progressively worse over the past several weeks or more; it can be periodic (sometimes normal - rarely) but overall getting worse; Firefox and Edge work just fine and fast, Brave not so much.

Brave’s latest update installed - just checked
Windows 11 latest update installed - just checked
16 gigs ram

We’re not imagining this. In short, it’s not us it’s you!


Hold on, what will we be testing? And what will we achieve by taking the test? I came here seeking a solution, but it seems that you guys want us to conduct some testing. I wonder what we will do with the results.
Furthermore, despite my attempts to adjust the shields’ aggressive and standard settings, the problem still exists!

Regarding the matter of the issue not being widely recognized, I have personally observed numerous individuals who share the same concern in other complaints, as well as a few individuals in my own!
I think you guys ought to give this problem some serious attention since there are enough examples of it, and I also think you might not want it to spread widely and become apparent that the issue is with you guys rather than the users.

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I think it is youtube nerving attempts to block ads

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Perhaps you’re right, buddy, but if you read through some of the other comments on this article, you’ll see that someone else is also having trouble with Duolingo’s same memory usage. In addition, I don’t think that YouTube’s efforts to stop ad-blocking or anything similar are connected to excessive memory usage; instead, I’m just waiting for the team to clear up any misunderstandings and, in the event that they can’t identify the precise issue, offer a temporary fix.

Ok buddy! But keep in mind, since google crusade against addblockers it became very hard to watch youtube without add if you dont pay for the premium service, do not underestimate the big tech companys, and what could be the reason brave engineers dont have a solution or workaround yet?

No matter what you think or hooe, money rulez.

Cheers from holland and excuse my bad english.

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Same exact problem for me. It started happening after the last update. Youtube is now suddenly using so much memory while playing livestreams that its shutting down giving me the “oops something went wrong” with an out of memory code.

I was trying to watch a livestream two days ago from an indie weather channel because we had massive storms roll through here. We were tornado warned and every 10 minutes Brave was giving me the oopsies and shutting down youtube. whereas a month ago I was watching youtube livestreams 8+ hours a day straight while i was learning a new subject in a free online youtube course.

it was extremely distressing for youtube to keep crashing during the tornado warning, especially because this only began happening a short time ago. I tried reducing my playback res as low as 360 and it was still approaching 70% memory usage with my 8 gigs ram. I refreshed youtube, closed and reopened brave, restarted my computer, turned computer off and back on. turned off the brave blockers, turned it back on to aggressive, scanned my computer, turned off extensions. my computer is too old to upgrade to windows 11 so im running windows 10 on a 7th gen intel core i7. apparently 5 year old computers are now obsolete, which is super annoying, but whatever.

the only change i have noticed is this began happening after my last brave update. that tells me its probably a brave issue

its a little disconcerting that the response to this thread has been so dismissive. there are obviously a lot of people having this issue with Youtube and sudden high memory usage. Again, this was not a problem for me at all until the last time I updated brave.

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Exactly, this issue began following the previous update in Brave, and it is unfortunate that the development team is unable to clearly identify the issue and is unwilling to investigate it before it becomes a large-scale issue, which I do not want. Let’s hope they come up with a solution quickly.

Asking for some testing here, to isolate builds/profiles.

So I tried all three of the things you asked for, and the results were the same. The memory utilization is still approaching 4GB. What next??