HIGH CPU & Memory Usage

No, I am not using Grammerly. Two of my cores will just randomly hit 80-100% and sit there. I have the exact same addons/extensions in Firefox that does not ever exhibit this behaviour. Seems the longer I leave the browser up is when it happens. I can disable all extensions, and it is still happening (at least in FIrefox there is a single option to do this to help us troubleshoot).

I am using Windows 10.

Not a soul has an answer to this, or have the ones that had this issue landed in the same boat then just decided to find a different browser?

When does this happen? Is it on specific pages? I’ve had high CPU and RAM usage when using WebGL apps when my GPU Process crashes and hardware acceleration gets disabled. Could you check brave://gpu when you have the high usage and see if it’s all functioning correctly? The update a week ago seems to have made the GPU Process prone to crashing and hardware acceleration to be disabled.

Randomly happens with the only thing not random is that it happens the longer it is up (visiting various websites). As far as video it is working fine and even if I turn off the hardware acceleration I never get cores near, to actually being, maxed out unless I am trying to do 8k video. Something odd is happening behind the scenes in Brave but this could be in Chrome as well though I wouldn’t know as I ditched Chrome as soon as I had Brave since any site that demands Chrome works with Brave for me.

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