High CPU and RAM Usage

This morning I started experiencing instances of Brave randomly increasing to a maximum of 8ish GB of RAM and 70% CPU. These are happening at random times and don’t seem to be proportional to my use. Around when (right before or right after) I notice the massive jumps in usage I get an SBOX_FATAL_MEMORY_EXCEEDED error. @Aa-ron @Mattches @steeven


Can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration in settings to see if this resolves the issue?

You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration

Just turned it off, lets see what happens. What does that error mean?

I have the same issue. The issue started today. When I close and open the browser, the problem goes away, but after a while the problem reoccurs.

Hey @Delka

Try disabling as many extensions as possible. The more extensions in use, the more cpu and ram usage will occur.

Nevermind it came back. I got that error again while I wasn’t even using the computer.

The error means that your available RAM is reached at 100%, but by checking your photo 4+GB RAM for Brave is something you can not leave without comment.

Most probably a swap memory is set, and is used, too.

@fanboynz Thanks for your answer but i only use several extensions. 4 or 5.

I think that there might be a bug in the latest version of Brave. @Mattches Still happening with HA off.

I also am now getting a 2nd Brave process that’s using over a GB of RAM

Between the time I opened Snip and Sketch and took the screenshot the main process with the subprocesses dropped from using 4GB of RAM to less than a GB. Here’s a screenshot from about 30 seconds before that:

2nd process seems to have gone away but not that the main process is using excessive CPU also. I couldn’t get a screenshot because when I tried it ended up maxing RAM again.

I’m having the same issue using Pop_OS (linux). This was never an issue before, but now my fan is coming on more and more frequently-- computer runs very hot. There has to be a bug.

Can you open the browser and, when you see this large spike, go to Menu --> More tools --> Task Manager and see which processes are actually hogging all the resources?

The odd part is that it seems to be some kind of ghost process. Brave’s task manager doesn’t show anything as extreme as it should.

My hunch was correct it seems like there isnt a consistent cause. Each time it’s a different process causing the issue. Also, a detail that I left out is that I have substantially fewer tabs open than I usually do.


I think it’s time to change the browser.

Maybe, but I still think that it’s a bug and can be fixed.

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Here are a couple more screenshots:

I’m fairly confident that one of the installed extensions is causing the spike. I know we had a similar issue a while back with Grammarly. However, I think we should narrow down whether or not this spike is caused by the browser itself or data/an extension in the browser.

Can you try creating a new (temp) browser profile and, using the new profile, browse normally for a while to see if you get the same spikes?