Hey i'm not receiving bats for the brave homescreen ads

:100: this is completely true! On a normal day, up to 5 pop-up ads may appear. In addition, many ads can appear on the screen, but not all of them are paid. only a few manage to increase the number of bats (in cents of course) :money_mouth_face:

@lvlalrinhlua The only way that you can find out is to message a moderator like @Mattches , @SaltyBanana or @steeven

They ask for you information from Brave Internals and everything. Just be advised that those three handle over 1000 messages and posts each day. So it can take them sometime to get back to you but they try to respond and look into things as fast as they can.

If he hadn’t seen it, I created a post two weeks ago that shares some basic information on troubleshooting you can do and things that can cause issues on not seeing ads or not being paid for them. In addition, I share exactly the information that the moderators ask for in order to review your account and fix any problems.

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bro read this article


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