Here's how to restore the old layout/menu and remove the bottom bar


I know most of you are quite disappointed and anoyned by the new update that completely changed the layout of the Brave Browser we used to know and love. The good news is that you can go back to the previous version while the developers (hopefully) fix that abomination.

There are two methods but I strongly recommend you to follow the first one, since it’s the easiest way to do it. The second one is a bit more advanced.

  1. If you’re not using the Brave sync feature and you don’t mind losing your Browsing data, uninstall the current version of the Brave browser you have.

  2. Download the previous version here:

  3. Install it and done. Enjoy! But make sure to disable the “auto update” option for Brave in Google Play to avoid the crappy update nobody wants.

If you want to keep your Browsing data, you can either use the sync feature (this is the easiest way to do it) or use ADB to downgrade to the previous version and keep the data.

Here are the instructions for doing this with the ADB method:

If you followed the steps in the link then you should see a black screen. Just type this command:

adb install -r -d /sdcard/Downloads/BraveBrowser.apk

or this one:

adb shell pm install -r -d /sdcard/Downloads/BraveBrowser.apk

Usually the apk that you downloaded in step 2 would be located in the Downloads folder. Using a File Explorer you have to find it and copy the name and replace the “BraveBrowser.apk” part of the previous command with the name of the file you downloaded.

That’s it! If you have any questions, let me know.

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Android section

Note that both of these methods will not only remove the Sync feature, but will also remove the ability to enable and participate in the Brave Rewards program on Android.

While I respect your right to do what you want with your device, you’re essentially telling people to ditch two of Brave’s flag ship features and run a version of the browser that’s more susceptible to security risks (as is the nature of updating software) rather than keep an open mind about a design change that’s been out for less than a week.



First of all, both versions 1.0.88 (the one which forced the new UI) and 1.0.84 (the one I posted) are using the same Chromium version: 72.0.3626.121 therefore there are no “security risks”. So I don’t know why are you trying to mislead others to think that by using the previous version, they’re using an insecure one since that’s factually untrue. I even went ahead and checked the code and didn’t see any bug fix from v84 and v88.

Second, Brave sync (beta) works fine for both versions so I don’t know why you say it will not work. Please clarify why you say this.

About Brave Rewards, I give you that one. Personally I don’t use it but for others that might be important so fair point.

In my opinion, devs should focus on actually implementing (in the next version update) the new UI as an option instead of forcing it to everyone. Not even Google force this UI with Chrome. Instead, they let users activate this UI if they want it by using a flag in the Chrome experimental settings.

It’s clear that quite a lot of users are angry with this UI change. The only reason why more people aren’t flooding this forum with angry posts is because mods are actively closing all the threads and because most people don’t even know how to create a forum account to post here.



This is everyone’s opinion – It would be very silly if the team was not aware of this given the amount of feedback we’ve had on it. Speaking of which,

Yes, we are closing them because the issue is noted. Having the same thread posted 100 times is not constructive and blocks other pressing issues from surfacing on the forums.

We appreciate your feedback and will be monitoring everyone’s as we move forward with the new Mobile design.



Awesome! Good to hear that they know they should be implementing the option to change the UI.

I hope they do that soon. Thanks for letting us know.


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