Latest Update has jacked up my Brave Browser and Uphold Settings

Updated to the latest version of Brave today. March 16th.

First thing I notice is the garbage grid layout of the tabs.

Nope, wont be using it, so must downgrade to a functioning version of Brave.

I left chrome over a year ago and refuse to update it to the new garbage grid layout.

After downgrading to a previous working version of Brave.

My Uphold account must be reauthorized on my Android phone.

I get error messages that Ive reached my device limit. Its the same device as before the junk update with Grid layout.

Ive already spent 2 hours trying to fix what worked perfectly earlier today.

No dice. So what is the solution to fix what worked fine before your latest “update”?

Brave Rewards/Uphold still jacked up.

It has been saying this for hours. Wont go past this screen.

If I close the tab, open new tab, hit the settings button this is still spinning.

It sounds like you hit your limit for number of devices you can link. Please fill out the form linked below and submit an unlinking request.

Additionally, it is ill-advised to use an outdated version of the browser and likely was part of the reason you’re experiencing issues. I highly recommend sticking with the latest build. As for the tab view, we are well aware of everyone’s feelings about it and have opened an issue and are already discussing our options. You can view the issue on our Github here:

I’ve submitted an unlinking request like two weeks ago and nothing has happened yet? It still says device limit reached.

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