Any chance of getting the old browser back before the update


The latest update (with the horrible permanent bar at the bottom) makes using this a pain. Looking on play store there’s a lot of complaints on that after the update.

Is this going to be addressed or no? If not that’s fine I just need to change all my browsers back to a different one. If it is addressed then about how long will we need to wait?

Link to previous apk?



Hello, @Yoyoyo.

Thank you for sharing your feedback; we’ve been paying very close attention to the comments regarding this change. We’re working on improvements, which you can track here. Please have a look at your convenience, and let me know if you have any questions, comments, or ideas.





Thanks Samson. I don’t think show toolbar by default on larger items is any good. Just give people the option if they want it to enable it in the settings. It feels like it’s being discussed but still being forced on people.

Another suggestion I have is that with chrome you set a pin to home screen and when you click on the home screen shortcut it takes you back to the same browser window as previous. So to explain it better with discourse as an example… I have my site pinned to my home screen. When I used chrome it would always open the same browser tab. When I use brave for this, it opens a new browser tab. This gives me around 50+ browser tabs per day of all the same thing when I check my website. It’s really annoying to go thru and clear these one by one cause they get mixed up in the regular browsing sessions I don’t want to close.