Help Withdrawing From Content Creator Wallet

I’m setup as a Brave content creator and want to withdraw my BATs. I have my wallet connected to Uphold but I don’t see an option to withdraw since 06/10/20. Can some one please point in the right direction.

I do have more than 5 BATs. I like some support on this issue. Thank you.

The bats from content creators will be in your content creatods card in your uphold. I mean, in your uphold account you should have some cards of brave browser, one of them should be content creators. In this cards will be your bats.

Yes, I do have a content creator card for youtube in my uphold account. But the balance has been 0.00 ever since I connected my youtube content creator card.

Then, you should contact directly to support. I hope your problem will be solved.

Are you referring to uphold support?

BAT in creator dashboard will send to your uphold wallet 1 time per month . around 8-10th next month

That the thing, the balance is from 06/10/20 has been sitting there 2 months. I’ve never gotten sent to my from my creator account to uphold.

@ Murogrande
I though thread is with support. Sorry for the dumb question but, do you have a link to directly contact support?

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