Brave Content Creator Rewards not showing up on Uphold

Hi there,
My brave browser rewards shows up on Uphold wallet, but I cannot see my brave content creator rewards on Uphold wallet. What could be the reason for this?? Please help/advise.
Please see attached figures for more insight into the issue.

I also did not receive my BAT in creators dashboard. Why???


Creators are not paid until tomorrow (8 of every month to 12 aproximately)

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Thank you for the update. I will wait till the 13th and see if BAT in my Brave rewards appear on Uphold wallet.
My Brave rewards account and Uphold wallet are integrated.

rewards not being paid, cheaters

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i has been more than 5 months since i haven’t received my bat i have more than 136 BATs
i even DM to @steeven he replied but no solution so I tipped them to my friends Creator YouTube channel but in last month he only received only 2 BATs will i get all of the bats in this month?

@Jack_sparrow - please DM me the email linked to your account. Not seeing it. Thanks.