Unable to Withdraw BAT on Brave Rewards Creator

I have a balance of 17.10 in my Brave Rewards Creator account which was stuck since December of last year.

There was no option for me to withdraw it nor it was not being deposited directly to my connected Uphold account.

I need some help regarding this concern. Do not tell me to send you a private message. I won’t as I have previous messages regarding this same concern which were not being answered.

Let us be transparent by having the conversation in this thread.

Thank you.


im having same issue

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same issue i have 10.5 bat showing in my publisher account but when i made a new post for this issue they closed it saying u have less than 5 bat balance ?
i have no idea what went wrong?
@steeven @eljuno


I have the same problem and I have sent DM and nothing @steeven help us


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