How can withdraw my publisher balance

How can i withdraw my brave publisher token balance

HI @sovitt, Welcome to Community!
To withdraw BAT from your Creators account you need to:
1)Have your Creator’s account connected to a verified Uphold or Gemini account.
2)Have a connect channel, e.g. youtube, twitch, a website.
3)Have a minimum of 5 BAT in donations for per channel.

Also, please our Creator’s FAQ:

i have 13.56 BAT and verify uphold account but i cant able to withdraw this one

Also, I forgot to mention, your balance will be paid out once a month, typically around the 8th.
So if you have 13.56, wait till October to see that in your Uphold card.

not working i already wait 2month

Do I have a balance to uphold?

How many channels do you have linked to your Creator’s account?

One I think why do u ask

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