Help with the synch chain on iOS

Somehow I was able to add my iphone to my macbook with no problem awhile ago. But now I can’t add my ipad to the chain because there is no “scan synch code,” in settings. see photos.

I go to settings and click synch on my ipad and click “add new device” and then choose “computer” and get “Enter the synch code.”

It says to navigate to synch on my device (computer) and tap the button “I have a synch code.”

Well, there isn’t a “I have a synch code” option on neither my computer nor ipad. I guess I could reinstall the ipad Brave app but then I’ll lose all of my bookmarks.

I’ve done this over and over again to no avail. Browsers are all up to date (Brave 1.25.1).
Using Mac Catalina and Ipad OS 14.4.2

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