On my ipad there is no choice of "scan synch code" so I can't add the device (ipad) to my synch chain

I go to settings and click synch on my ipad and click “add new device” and then choose “computer” and get “Enter the synch code.”

It says to navigate to synch on my device (computer) and tap the button “I have a synch code.”

Well, there isn’t a “I have a synch code” option on neither my computer or ipad AND not on my iphone as well. What??? When I use my ipone X (browser up to date and new OS) camera to scan the code on my ipad, it wants to open a Safari browser.

I’ve done this over and over again to no avail. Browsers are all up to date (Brave 1.25.1).
Using Mac Catalina and Ipad OS 14.4.2


What did you see on both devices? Screenshot will be helpful too (make sure to delete any sensitive information from the pic).

Here are two screenshots from my iphone and ipad that shows I don’t have a synch code in order to add a device. I want to add my ipad to my Macbook Pro.

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