2nd time Access to Saved Passwords

When I access for saved passwords for the first time, new window will appear for admin password of the PC. In short it needs the admin password before giving access to the saved passwords.

But for the second time I access the saved passwords. it automatically showed the saved passwords without asking for admin password.

I hope brave will fix this problem if this is a bug. If someone will access the saved passwords it should ask for admin password, every time they will access it, right?


Hi Dek,
I just noticed that in my case I am not even prompted with inputting my admin password on the first attempt.
I was wondering if you know wether it might be a system setting instead of a brave specific setting that activates the first prompt. Did you set that up or it was asking you for the admin password by default?

Regarding your specific issue, I rememeber that when I was using Chrome, I wouldn’t be prompted to re-input the admin password if I’d check the password just a couple of minutes after the first time. If I’d close the browser or the settings tab, it would ask me again.
Maybe there’s a short time window that allows to avoid inputting the password every single time (as if, given the short time, the sowtware assumes it’s still you behind the screen).

I went f*cking around in the options and found my solution. It was not related to Brave but to the windows security options. (I’m putting this out there in case any other Windows user looking for an answer bums into the thread).

I went in:
Windows Settings -> Accounts -> Sign-in Options
In the manage how you sign-in to your device I selected:
Password - Sign in with your account’s password
From there I could set up a password for my account on this PC (not sure why it didn’t ask for my microsoft account password but made me choose a new one).

Now if I want to see a password in the settings it does ask for the account password.

I’ll keep an eye out if it will cause unforeseen consequences (like asking for password when opening apps) and will update if necessary.

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