HELP! I use mobile Brawe browser nightly and Brawe browser not bats

I use mobile brave broweser nightly on phone for a long time. I getting ads thats not problem but when I open triange with rewards its shows 0 , whenI go to settings and open open ads I see how many bat I have and cents…
Hiw to fix rhis , is this bugs? I can not transfer bats to Uphold wallet. What to do??

On regular Brawe browser is the same situation, I getting ads but in reward I can not see tham… nothing… Only in settings I see… When I try to trnasfer to Uphold, I dont have enough bats…

On both browser , all bats will be transfer to rewords? Every month when I get reword?

On Nightly browser, whwn I open Uphold site I got that my wallet is verified,but when I go to google , its not

Why when I go to Facebook , my wallet is not verified?
But when I come ro brave community ,wallet is verified??

All my browser are on Uphold

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