Many many problems in brave browser

**Description of the issue:**hello @steeven I can’t believe that what is happening here? Brave browser is working like a fool. There are many problems in brave browser. On August 6 I saw claim option in brave wallet and then I claim that and i earned 19.2 bat from ads and I had already 6 bat on my wallet and after claiaming ads reward my wallet added 25.2 bat. And that time I wanted to transfer bat to my verified uphold but I couldn’t do that. Bat not transferred to uphold. Then the next day when I was go to my brave browser then I saw only 6 bat remaining von my wallet.and 19.2 bat has disappeared. What I do now please solve my problem. I have lossed 19.2 bat this month. @ steeven please solve my problem or else I will uninstall brave browser.

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.if I get back my lossed all bat

**Expected result:**I want to get back 19.2 bat that I lossed this month

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.11.105

Mobile Device details Oppo A922

Additional Information: I have sent my brave version and OS in attach file please check that and solve my problem.

your not alone, hundreds of people similar, brave i fear is in a downward death spiral…

Uninstalling the application in our devices won’t be any loss for them. Yes, I do understand your pain of losing BAT.

You are facing a different issue while others are starving to get claim button.

Hope you find a perfect solution from the moderators :handshake::blush:

Hi @90rk - we have an established DM where I can help to solve your issue similar to how I did last month. Please send all of your new info there so that I can be of help. Thank you @90rk.

Hey @steeven, is there any payout cuttings for this month or the whole bat of July will be transferred to uphold?

Because since two I got only 14bat credited to uphold 11 on one day and yesterday 3Bat :thinking:

Like in the above comment you mentioned regarding the some info (what we should send and how can we get them to send to you)

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