[HELP] How to make the browser faster

Hello, recently I’m having issues with the brave browser, it appears to be opening sites really slowly for example twitch.tv it takes a very long time to open. (tried on other browsers its fine)

So I was wondering is there a way to make the browser more “lightweight”, for example maybe disable the brave shields permanently somehow? or the brave rewards since it doesn’t work in my country anyways… Please help me if u have any ideas because i don’t want to stop using brave

Twitch has a live streaming video upon startup and I was surprised that Brave didn’t catch it and stop it. I thought that Google Chrome had some code to stop these intrusive videos.

That may be your problem… it would depend on the speed you are getting from your ISP.

It boots fast for me but I get about 230 Mbps coming down from Comcast Xfinity in the Sacramento, CA area.

It boots perfectly on other browsers i’ve tried, and its not happening only on twitch on some other sites too…

i cannot say if i am addressing your concern but i have found disabling everything in customize option in the new tab page at the bottom right does help in speeding up the browser visibly considerably ,not limited to resource constrained boxes

visiting the settings page in brave to see/check if you can find anything useful is also recommended /cleaning the catch cookies’ sometimes helps too /

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