Issue with brave reward (brave grants)

i have 8-9 BAT in my wallet upto last night but after that in my gemini account in transaction history it showing Brave Grants my 8.25 BAT i want to know why i want it back there is no customer support or help desk is there regarding it

so i want to know how will i get my BAT

Brave grants are used for tipping the content creator / publisher you love.

I have a issue with the brave rewards,too! My brave browser starts my rewards back to zero. I also have to many uphold emails? Can you help straightened my brave wallet and uphold?


I reset my phone and lost my contact info, leaving me locked out for while. Do I need to secure my account?

Without permission of user? They doesn’t ask with whether you would lik
e to withdraw or not

You are talking about Brave Grants right? Which is not earned through Brave Rewards by watching Ads.

If I am not mistaken, Brave Grants are for tipping content creator or website you love. And have expiry date if not spent for tipping. You are not allowed tipping yourself using Brave Grants though.

Hi everyone

For rewards support, fill in the form @ the Brave Help Center and wait for a Brave employee to anwser your request

if i turning off the auto contribute then ads are also been stopped automatically . i just want to stop auto contribute not ads so plz mention the steps

Just go to brave://rewards/ and scroll down, you’ll see a toggle switch for Auto-Contribute. By default, it’s on. There’s also a lot of info there in regards to tips and whatever else.

i want to say as i am turning off the auto contribute it also stops ads so how can i earn without it so is there any way to turnoff contribute not ads

Two different things. Check here. On top you see Brave Private Ads which is where we earn BAT for seeing ads. Then below it a bit is Auto-Contribute. It’s Auto-Contribute you need to make sure is off. You want Brave Private Ads to be on.

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My April rewards were not credited to my account and disappeared without any explanation.

I see, I am personally going to make a reguest at Because of Good Business Practice noted by community response and my desperate need to resve this time consuming gathering of backup paperwork. Thanks for your support, goodluck to the unlucky and be d r wis

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