Heimdal Detection Of Brave - False Positive Or Not

Guys Dark Layer Guard From Thor Foresight Security Program is giving Malware Alerts for the Brave Browser, any thoughts on their security comment below
“It seems that the Brave Browser has some security issues, as we received similar feedback from other users, I`d recommend contacting them about this matter”

This is a further comment from Heimdal on the Brave issue. Anyone with any thoughts

This is what we could find on a VirusTotal scan: VirusTotal.

Like I`ve mentioned in my previous reply, you can whitelist(unblock) the domain should you believe it is not infected, however, we cannot remove the block on this case.

Im encountering the same issue. I’ve never previously had any problems with either program.

Anyone from Brave care to comment on this issue

Taken from a posting by a member from Malware Tips

Heimdal Thor Premium home blocks Brave bowser download! Really?

Fir me Heimdal Thor Foresight is no longer giving alerts for Brave.
So one of them appears to have changed something

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