Brave is blocked by Tehtris EDR (anti-virus)

Starting a few hours ago, Tehtris EDR has started blocking and terminating all brave.exe processes (based on “AI detection”). Consequently, the browser cannot be started anymore.

Will be a false positive. Have you reached out to them/open a support ticket? @etab

That’s what I assumed. Their form for submitting false positives is meant to be filled out by the products owner (in this case the brave developers), hence this topic.

Sure there is a form for user support. Seems a bit strange if a paid user has issues they can’t report a fault and rely on the non-user to log a ticket.

I think it is in the best interest of Brave if Brave Software are aware of this issue regardless of whether a user already reported it to the third party. Being flagged as a threat is pretty serious and potentially impacts a lot of users.

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