Brave identified and blocked by sites

Nevermind, deleting post per rude reply.

What websites? You need to give more information to be of any help. Just putting something up as a generic claim does nothing.

Never had that problem, but this site gives a clue how it might be done ==>

So no website to share, huh? If you ever do come across one, be sure to share it. Brave can’t see or do anything if you don’t tell.

And doesn’t matter what language or culture, there’s nothing rude in pointing out more information is needed and that a general claim or statement is not helpful. But I’ll just take it as you once said before:

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That’s interesting. I noticed on one site that it said “script to detect AdBlocker”, I’ll try to find it again since it’s not a site I usually visit. That might shed some light on how they’re targeting Brave’s features. I don’t know if Brave has its own user agent already, some time ago it didn’t.

@2f736c36d724f21200a0 Your original post was interesting to me. I haven’t come across any sites displaying that message so far. Will be interesting to see if that becomes more common.

I keep block scripts enabled and just disable if I have to. Do you have to disable shields to view those sites or does just disabling block scripts work?

Nice share. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Posting this as an FYI. I think user agents are falling by the wayside. Fine with me. lol

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