Dr Web blocking the Brave download



Dr Web (https://www.drweb.com/) keeps blocking the Brave browser download.

Keeps stating that it’s a Trojan.DownLoader27.26397

Might want to get in touch with their developers as I am sure it’s some misunderstanding

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cc @Mattches on this. Thanks for reporting @Krill. :slightly_smiling_face:


No problem :slight_smile: If possible, please post here when it’s fixed


Thanks for the info @Krill. Does Dr. Web mention which file is causing the alarm?

@toml @Mattches looks like we have another anti-virus vendor that’s blocking Brave. Possibly due to Tor?

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Almost certainly but would be nice to confirm.


@kamil BraveBrowserSetup.exe if you are downloading from the Brave website or whichever is the update file if you are trying to update from Brave.

So the actual setup file is being flagged and blocked

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Thanks for the information @Krill! I was hoping Dr. Web actually specified the reason why it was blocking the Brave executable. Sometimes anti-virus suites actually mention the reasons why a certain executable has been blocked. We have a few issues with other vendors as well which are usually due to the Tor executable not being signed. You can follow the progress of that work in the following GitHub issue:



That’s the most I can get out of it, hope it helps @kamil

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Just jumping in to state that I’ve been in contact with Dr. Web’s support team and we’re working to get this addressed right now.
Appreciate your patience.

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