Brave causing problems

Hi been using brave for many months and I think now it causing problems for me in net. First a survey site I been with for many months suddenly went weird and closed on me. I emailed support who said am I using a vpn I said no never well are system detects it but OK we remove the block. Also another survey site I been with since early this year now won’t log me in but will on phone which also brave. When did search ppl said vpn block. Also another site I with for earning online started saying suspicious bot activity for no reason so I have to open it on phone instead. I might have to return to Firefox I think and scrap the 21 dollars I can’t redeem on uphold to go back to working browser with no errors. If you had any problems like this leave a comment thanks

I would never go to a site that blocks you because you are using a vpn, if you were using one. Where are you logging from shouldn’t be anyone’s business. DUMB people give their data away to total strangers is what has gotten us where we are. “where are we?” :slight_smile:

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