False Flag E-Mail from ISP? (Zeus)

Hello all. Enjoying Brave so far but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced false malware flags from their ISP after installing/updating Brave?

Upon logging into my COX account, my ISP has notified on the dates of 5/23 and 6/07 about a potential infection from a malware known as ZEUS. I immediately did a full scan on every machine on the network with Malwarebytes, Hitman Pro, AVG Remover Zbot, Norton Power Eraser, Eset Online Scanner, CKScanner, TDSSKiller, and AdwCleaner. All machines on the network appeared clean with desirable results.

I contacted my ISP and spoke on the phone with them about this ZEUS malware. They informed me that it was detected on their behalf because they have a list of blacklisted IP addresses and their automation detected my router attempting to make an outbound communication with the blacklisted IP address.

Now being confused at the clean results, I begin further investigation and was able to find what might be the cause of such a false flag. When comparing the dates of the notifications from my ISP to the creation date and update date of Brave, there is a match.

Screenshots provided. If anyone has experience with this please inform.


@Mattches I can’t verify this claim independently.

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