Heavy cpu usage

Description of the issue: after update ,browser using much more cpu power
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. open task manager
    2.see cpu usage
    3.on every site loading ,cpu jumping to 100%

Expected result: heavy cpu usage

**Brave Version( check About Brave):**1.40.105

Additional Information:

i do have 11 gen cpu ,browser was good ,but after recent update its taking so much cpu power
earlier cpu touches 100% just for a fraction of second when it opened
but now its taking cpu touching 100% for longer time ,and also on every site loading ,even on light sites cpu jumping to 100 usage ,as a result cpu temperature goes upto 95 degrees

something wrong with this update


Be Prepared for Testing, Trial and Error

Notice the BraveBrowser folder in path:

  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\

Routinely back up that BraveBrowser folder. For that backup work, I suggest using:

Routinely back up your Bookmarks. Use the Brave Browser > Bookmarks Manager, in order to Export Bookmarks to a ‘Bookmarks.html’ file.

Routinely back up your Passwords (if using the Brave Browser password manager). You may export said Passwords to a .CSV file. (If you have questions about that, ask @CerealLover.)

Everything that you back up, should be stored outside of the Brave Browser installation paths - in order for you to safely recover the backups. I suggest that the backup storage include, an attached, external drive.

Name all backups, so the names include the data and time of the backup; for example:

  • Bookmarks_20220622-0219_Wednesday.html
  • BraveSoftware_bkup_20220622-0219_Wednesday
  • BraveSoftware_bkup_20220622-0219_Wednesday.zip

Because there may be occasions when:

  • A recent update of something, seemed to reset some other things . . . and you lost all your Passwords, or Bookmarks.
  • You need to clear everything, at: brave://settings/clearBrowserData
  • Your computer crashed or quit ‘at the wrong moment’

. . . and you will be glad that you stored your backups in chronological order.

If you read the other Brave Browser and Brave Rewards reports, here at the Brave Community, you will find PLENTY of such incidents.

Be Prepared. Sincerely.


  • You can clear away cache, cookies, site settings, with less worry.
  • You can Disable (and Remove) your Extensions, and then test to see which Extension (one or more) are a source of the trouble.
  • You can flip back and forth, the many toggle switches in Brave Browser > Settings that Disable and Enable features/functions, while you try to figure out what combinations of Settings may, or may not, be the source of your trouble(s).
  • Create a new Profile for testing, to see if the issue will, or will not, resolve.

Use the Brave Browser Task Manager, in addition to the Windows OS Task Manager, and compare the Process ID (PID) numbers, in order to narrow down which processes are the biggest offenders.

When you encounter some issue, as soon as you can - given that you routinely back up your data/info - Exit / Quit Brave Browser, etc., and restart the browser. Sometimes, that, after restarting your computer.

Example: My Brave Browser installation misbehaved this early morning, because it was updated in the background. Before restarting, Brave Browser could not render some websites; but after the restart, no problem.

thats too long process ,i will try this weekend

my browser also updated in background

high cpu usage is not the main concern ,the main concern is battery backup
my laptop fan wouldnt start generally ,but last night i notice my fan started spinning after sometime and laptop heated up a bit and also saw the decrease in battery at twice rate

thats why i opened task manager to see what going on ,then i saw brave taking too much cpu power
intel cpu gives great battery backup if cpu usage under base frequency ,but if your cpu running at turbo frequency then it will kill your battery and heated up the laptop

i was shifting from firefox to brave step by step ,but looks like firefox is still good with less bugs

thanks for your suggestion

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