Header bar keeps saying 404 on refresh


Just started using Brave, and I am very pleased with everything so far. Only issue I have been having is when I refresh a page It loads something at the top of the browser (right below the favorites bar) and gives a 404 and asks if I want to check the wayback machine.

I’m not really sure what this is and it hasn’t been affecting anything, but I figured I should at least report it. I was thinking it might be additional ad space or something that is not configured right. My popup/pushbutton ads are working fine though.

*edit also I guess I do have one minor complaint. It would be nice to be able to drag a tab and put it into the favorites bar.

Hi @gooru59, Welcome to Community!
Does this 404 happen on all sites you visit or on specific sites?

I’m not sure if it’s only specific sites that trigger it, but it’s happened on a few sites. When I refresh a website, it starts to load something that looks like a banner ad for Brave with the same color scheme as my browser header, but it gives a 404 instead of loading any content. The actual page I visit loads fine though.

I have never seen this banner ad looking thing when I load a page, only when I refresh. It doesn’t appear with every refresh either, only occasionally, but it always gives a 404 if it does appear.

I’ve been trying to get a screenshot, but it comes and goes pretty fast.

If you can give an example sites, it’ll better, I think.

It’s a feature, can be disabled in Settings. https://twitter.com/brave/status/1232417236188459008?s=19

Should only appears when the browser get 404 or other 14 HTTP error codes.

I figured it out, the 404 is caused by the Cloudflare DDoS protection browser check. Just for clarification, the page still loads fine, it just gives a 404 during the browser check before loading the page.

Thanks for the responses!

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