Brave Desktop search cancelling

Description of the issue: Brave Browser’s new page is completely white and when you type a search into the top bar itll enter as if it were searching then the screen goes to the normal new page tab and removes all the search entered.
How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Click New Tab
2.Enter your search

Expected result: As described above, it goes white, waits, and removes search

**Brave Version( check About Brave):**1.28.106

Additional Information: I have 16gb ram and a 3600cpu so I doubt its an issue of me not being able to run Brave.
task manager screenshot immediately after it happened. I’m unable to screenshot anything while Brave is loading.

Photos of it with and without a search

Works in private browser too

Doesnt happen in chrome

If it works properly in a private window, it could be an issue with some of your extensions. Disable all of your extensions and try again.

i mean the issue works in private window, sorry

Ah, I see. Do you use extensions in private window?

Nah i dont. I didnt even know that was possible.

All right. Could you please check whether using a different default search engine matters? You can change your default search engine at brave://settings/search.

Changing search engines doesnt fix it. It still does the issue

What version of Windows?

Antimalware (Defender or whatever) installed, running, and up to date? (Is it just me, or does that URL string almost have a pattern to it?)

Is the computer low on disk space?

Try in a new Brave profile? Create a new profile to help Troubleshoot

windows 20H2. Windows defender is on and updated. I have 1tb HDD and 30gb SSD.

Please, follow @JimB1’s suggestion to create a fresh user profile so we could determine whether this issue is related to your current user profile in some way.

Will my BAT rewards carry over profiles?

As far as I know, Brave Rewards can’t be transferred from one user profile to another unless you have an Uphold account. I’m extremely unaware how Brave Rewards work, so I’ll leave it to someone else to explain that aspect to you.

Note that we’re not asking you to delete your current user profile or give up on it, not at all. I would like you to create another user profile so we could see whether the issue you’re experiencing is related to your current user profile in some way.

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