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1.I am getting 404 error as shown in the attached screenshot even that page is live and accessible. I tried Geopeeker and it showed the page correctly from different locations.
So why is this browser showing a 404 Error notification on top of the page?

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Brave Version( check About Brave): latest

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the page load even it say give the 404 error try to change Trackers & ads blocking to allow all it will work but the error banner will still be there

@fanboynz could you give us a hand here

have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:

if it helps in something, the site is loading the page with an internal error from the server side. This also happen in Opera, and i do not now if in Chrome. Mozilla FireFox is loading fine, so i think it has to do something with chromium core (since both are based in it). The only difference with brave is that here we have the wayback machine tool, if something goes wrong on server side the tool is call to work.




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Also check if everything is ok in your side, I checked in: https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/alcaldia.xyz.html

A website to detect down sites, and currently the server you use is down. Please check it and if it´s still displaying that banner, please re-report this.

If you are using a free host, maybe there are in maintenance, it should be resolved in a couple of hours. Anyway check first with your host service provider. The only thing i see strange is that the site, even it has a 503 error is displaying. Maybe is something with chromium core like i said, but just make sure everything is okey on your side.

Edit: checking a little bit more in firefox:

The red numbers (error 503) indicates something is going wrong on server side, so my theory of something related with chromium core is discarted.

An error 503 usuarlly means that the site is overloded on visitors and it´s refusing more petitions. That or a mantainence from your host provider. In any case this is something you need to talk with your service provider, maybe you need an upgrade of some kind.

ok,Siteuptime is showing OK and the site is loading.
Anyway,I am checking with the host to confirm.

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