The top of the brave window has a gray bar blocking the top information of the websites

Hello, I like brave, but the window has a bar that blocks the top of the website I am viewing. I cannot figure out how to get rid of this worthless bar. It has not information in it.

Best regards,


Hey tfactor,

Can you provide a screenshot of this “bar” that you’re seeing?

I hope you can see the attachment. I cannot get rid of that gray bar under neath my favorites card. It block the title links on almost every page. I will have to stop using Brave and I do not want to stop.

If you can remember, when did this problem first show up? Was it there since you started using it, or did it show up after some time?

Also, does it show up in Google Chrome?

From the beginning I think. It does not show up Chrome or Firefox.

Sounds strange. Can you open up a new/guest profile in Brave and see if the bar still shows up?

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