Havent recieved payments since october as per gemini synced account (cont)

Continuation of closed ticket: Haven't recieved payments since October as per Gemini synced account

Fill out the form and sent logs with the following confirmation code, see image below.

I want to put emphasis on the payment system, because today, I saw a figure of + 0.805 BAT (timestamp 2022-06-01 11:03) receving this month to + 0.256 BAT (timestamp 2022-06-01 11:14). How so, and why the change in mere mintues? See images below.

I have reported the same thing happening in previous months to when I’m first given a higher BAT number then suddenly a lower one. Last month I was told that I will be getting the whole figure the next month (june). And this seems to keep happening where evidently I will never receive it all and some BAT goes missing along the way, some how. Seems almost intentional.

Hi @fs4, what email did you write into the form from? I’ll investigate. Thanks.

the email connected to this account, use the reference number


Thanks, please paste the ID directly in the thread.

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Update: I stand corrected. I have received payments, however not the same amount as originally.

Also there’s weird Withdrawal and Administrative Credit.

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