October rewards missing never got deposited

My October rewards are missing and never got deposited into Gemini. It said would be paid in X days and then boom, that disappeared on the right day and nothing got to my account.
I have verified my account with Gemini. Now when I go to look at my rewards summary in Brave it shows 0 for October totally missing. I think I had about 5 or 7 or more I cannot remember the exact total.


Can anyone help with this issue?

I have a similar problem but I don’t use Gemini or Uphold. Already sent all the info to the staff but no answers yet. Hope everything works out, Iceman2303

What do you use then, may I ask?

You can still receive the BATs without the exchanges, but in this ocassion I’m having the same problem that a lot of people with or without it have.

Yeah, I’m having the same problem over here, I just have verified my Brave rewards with Gemini, and my October payout is gone missing. How to fix that?