Never received October rewards to Gemini account (13.750 BAT)

I claimed 13.750 Bat on November 8th for my desktop browser, but then had to deal with a glitch with the browser where I could not access reward settings until a browser update was released. Due to this I never received the October rewards into my Gemini account. I was dealing with somebody form support and they stopped responding once I sent them all my transactions in my Gemini account showing that the 13.750 BAT was never deposited.

I’ll tag @Evan123 @SaltyBanana to look into this. Please share your ticket id so they can have a look or have someone to look into it.

All communication was via email - hopefully the line copied below is what you need. Thank you for the quick reply.

Your request (165108) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email

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You should receive a response shortly. Thanks!

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