Haven't received BAT token for March Months

I suppose to get about 6 BAT token through Android Brave Browser and 11 Token through creator account and didn’t get any single token.

Pls help.
I’m uphold verified user.


Same did not receive march rewards

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What do you do to get 11 BATs? @aanandmissra


Exactly , i only get maximum 2 bat from mobile

And also not received March payment yet

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I got the tip over YouTube channel bro.

is it hard to earn BATs through youtube?

same here, i also not receive march payment yet, and didn’t get any ad since 4 days. i install brave beta version and its working perfectly fine.
don’t know what to do about last month payment :frowning: frowning:

Same with me I was suppose to receive 6.7 BAT but didn’t get a single BAT.

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@Bhan Did you try to claim your earnings from BAT triangle you see on the right side of the URL bar?

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personally i did, i had 2 random opportunities to claim via the BAT captcha and it left me with an error both times. The option completely vanishes after the error and so does my BAT.


If you go to brave://rewards-internals/ > Promotions, do you see your 2 claims there? Does it say Attested or Finished or Over for this month anywhere?

i see two of them that say ‘over’ and they have no date listed underneath them, all my other claims are ‘finished’ and have dates listed with the last one being March 9th 2022

As far as I know, only Attested ones are retried by the browser and not the Over ones. Generally it can happen that if your first claim is successfully received (with full payout) then 2nd one can be marked as over (like may be no longer valid). If you got two claims this month and both are marked as over then this is probably a bug as claims should not be over completely before awarding the user.

Payouts for this month is still processing may be you will receive them but I can’t say for sure.

Yes @Aman_M but an error message was displayed and now nothing is showing…

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Same happen to me an error message was displayed and my BAT reward was gone @Brave-Browser

Same here haven’t received BAT around 3.7 and it doesn’t even show rewards are pending or anything…

:rofl: that’s a serious question

There’s some bug. Many users are facing this issue. Hoping their team will resolve it soon.

SUDDENLY IN SETTING THEY ARE SHOWING THAT “Sorry! Ads are not yet available in your region.”

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Did you get a claim button? Regardless, most likely Brave is working on correcting payments. I think you will have to wait it out like many others.

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