Haven't gotten a BAT reward in over a month

Why haven’t I received BAT in over a month, my BAT counter for over a month has been stuck at .1 BAT. This right after we fixed an auto-contribution issue. Can someone help?

Are wondering why you’re not seeing Ads after enabling Brave Rewards? Please read the following document first before opening a new topic:

Can you provide some additional information about your situation?

  • Are you still seeing Brave ads?
  • Do your estimated pending rewards increase?
  • Do your number of ads viewed increase?
  • Are you on Windows 10 or 7?
  1. I haven’t noticed any change amount in ad’s from when I was earning compared to now that I am not.
  2. My estimated pending rewards are still at .1, it’s been there for over a month
  3. The number of ads viewed is the same
  4. Windows 10

The .1 BAT that Is pending has been there over a month.

Just noticed that my brave ads are 0, why aren’t I seeing brave ads? they’ve been turned on the whole time

Can someone help me?

Hi, I am having the same issue. Last month’s earning in my desktop could not be claimed. However I could claim in my Android Smartphone.

Thereafter the Estimated pending rewards is static at 19.225 BAT and I am not being served any ads both in the Desktop version as well as the Android version.

Kindly help in this regard.

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Want to bump this, have been stuck at 18.6 BAT pending rewards for a while now and have received no ads on my desktop.

The ads and rewards functions on my synced laptop browser do not have this issue

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