No brave rewards for months


On my computer i have activated brave rewards.
I have no pop-up on my desktop despite 5ads / hour and despite watching still no rewards, still stuck at 0.25 BAT since April.
Why ?

Thanks for your help.

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Same here. Stuck on 3.5 since march. No solution for me so far.

A gentle reminder for this issue i am facing.

Hello, same problem here, but it’s working on my other computer

Not receiving BAT rewards since October 2020… Asked for help numerous times - and still nothing…

Same for me, I’m “happy” to see that there are several of us in this situation. I hope they will find out if there is a problem.

Same here. I didnt Receive any either. My problem is, that i rarely use the browser on my desktop and mostly on my phone, but only by surfing on the PC Bravebrowser, i get BATs, not with brave mobile.

I was having 0.426 BAT s in my Estimated pending rewards which was decreased to 0.257 BAT s when i accessed my browser after an hour its just got disappeared from estimated pending reward and my watched ads history count is 96 that time.
kindly look into this issue ASAP.

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