Have to login in to sites every time I open Brave-won't keep me logged in like before

I now have to login to all my sites again every time I open Brave Browser. Brave used to keep me logged in to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc. This just started happening one week ago. This is NOT happening to my PC or my Android phone browsers…only this laptop. I don’t know how to fix this or what setting is causing this. Please help. This is beyond annoying. I love Brave but will uninstall it if this continues. I just can’t deal with it. Thanks.

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Brave is updated to the latest browser version. Windows 10 is updated. My PC and phone Brave browsers are synced with this laptop.

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Please navigate to brave://settings/clearBrowserData in the browser, and check the settings for On Exit. You may have the browser configured to clear cookies and other data when the app is closed or restarted.


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